Saints Paul & Silas Prison Ministry

Few who live in Scioto County or the surrounding areas are untouched by the effects of high unemployment and high drug use with the attendant crime fueled by these conditions. Many of us have been victims of crime and many of us have loved ones, family members or friends, who have committed crimes and have been caught and sent to prison. It is a fact of life here that many would prefer not to think or talk about–off to prison, out of sight and out of mind, often forgotten or shunned by family and friends.

The Saints Paul and Silas Prison Ministry is dedicated to letting prison inmates know that they are not forgotten by us or by God. We send birthday and Christmas cards as well as “Blessing Packets” of materials that may be of use to an inmate such as paper and embossed-stamped envelopes from the Post Office. For many our cards are the only contact they have from outside of prison, and the response we receive is humbling.

Being released from prison can be difficult and challenging as well, especially for those who may have nothing but the clothes on their back when they get out. For these we can provide personal care packages to help them in their initial days as they return to freedom.

This is an ongoing ministry which is fueled by donations of materials such as the birthday and Christmas cards, writing paper and embossed-stamped envelopes, and puzzle books for the blessing packets as well as personal care items for the personal care packages. Financial support is provided through direct donations as well as a recycling program.




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